Tips for Design with Color
An easy way to use the principles of design to combine colors in a way that makes your paintings pop!
Does Choosing a Color Scheme Feel Confusing and Complicated?
Analogous, Split-Complementary, Monochromatic, High Key, Triadic, Quadratic, Low Chroma...

Are your eyes glazing over? Mine too.
Color Should Be Fun!
It's not a secret I love color wheels (I've made dozens), but there are ways to choose colors for your paintings without having to remember all twelve variations of a triad. (Are there twelve? It feels like there must be.)
By using the simple principles of harmony, contrast, and expression, we can easily understand the way colors interact with each other, and choose color pairings that look effortlessly beautiful.
In this Recorded Online Seminar You'll Learn:
The principles behind how color schemes are usually taught, and how to quickly use them to select a color palette for your painting.
My favorite go-to color schemes and palettes that are easy to mix and make for beautiful combinations every time.
Color combination tips like:
- How to use contrast to draw the eye
- Why harmony is so important
- Why you don't need 100's of colors to make a vibrant and interesting painting
Class Format:
1-hour recorded class, with a combination of teaching demonstrations including a slideshow presentation and two live painting demonstrations
Also Includes:
  • Downloadable eBook with tips on value, fixing paint mixtures, and a color composition guide ($15 value)
  • Downloadable Project Sheets for taking your skills further after the class ($5 value)
What Students Are Saying:
"Excellent presentation. The concepts are clearly defined, very instructive!"
- Ruth M
"You are such a natural teacher! I loved it!"
- Alexa V

Class Cost: $35
End of Summer Sale: $20

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall (aka The Curious Painter)

I've been a full-time painter since 2008 and have been teaching painting and color theory for just as long!

My favorite thing is helping painters of all levels overcome whatever is frustrating them in the studio so they can find more joy at their easels.

I'm also a total color theory nerd. I love researching everything I can learn about color theory and color psychology and color science, and finding a way to explain it in the simplest way possible.

I live in Bozeman Montana with my photographer-fiancee and our two blue heelers. When I'm not painting or teaching, you'll probably find me gardening or exploring somewhere in nature.
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