Drawing for Painting
The easy way to lay out your paintings - without even using a pencil if you don't want to!
If You're Like a Lot of My Students, the Word "Drawing" Can Make You Cringe
After all, who wants to waste time drawing when you could be doing the fun stuff? Like - painting!

But a good drawing is the heart of a good painting, and it doesn't have to be tedius.
Drawing Can Be Simpler and More Fun Than You Think!
A drawing is just another word for a map for your painting. Without a map, you might end up where you don't want to be, but with a solid start, you clear the way to be creative and spontaneous with your painting without getting lost or confused.

I'll show you how you can use the principles of line and shape to create some structure for your painting - and you don't ever have to pick up a pencil if you don't want to!
In this Live Online Class You'll Learn:
How drawing can be used to create a map that makes the rest of the painting process just flow so much easier.
Options for different materials for your drawing process - including wax crayons, oil pastels, charcoal, and paint!
Useful techniques like:
- How to use a notan or thumbnail to find the best composition
- Why a pick-out drawing saves you so much time (and what it even is)
- How to lay out a simple drawing without going into tedious detail
Class Format:
In this one hour online class I talk about and demonstrate the techniques and tools for making drawing simple and fun!
Also Includes:
  • Downloadable eBook with tips on using value ($10 value)
  • Downloadable and Clickable Shopping Guide with my favorite drawing supplies and tools ($5 value)

Class Cost: $35
End of Summer Sale! $20

Class FAQs
Is this only for oil painters?

Not at all! With the exception of actual oil paint, all of these techniques will work great with acrylics, pastel, or gouache, and most of the concepts will apply to watercolors as well.
Do I need to know how to draw to get anything out of this class?

Nope! A hallmark of the way I teach drawing is getting you to see in simple lines and shapes, which is so much simpler to learn than the types of drawing, doodling, and sketching you were probably exposed to in art class.
What's the skill level for this class?

The concepts in this class will be great for all skill levels, from absolute beginners wanting to know where to start to more advanced painters who want to tighten up their compositions.

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall (aka The Curious Painter)

I've been a full-time painter since 2008 and have been teaching painting and color theory for just as long!

My favorite thing is helping painters of all levels overcome whatever is frustrating them in the studio so they can find more joy at their easels.

I'm also a total color theory nerd. I love researching everything I can learn about color theory and color psychology and color science, and finding a way to explain it in the simplest way possible.

I live in Bozeman Montana with my photographer-fiancee and our two blue heelers. When I'm not painting or teaching, you'll probably find me gardening or exploring somewhere in nature.
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