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Getting Started with Cold Wax Painting
My favorite supplies, tips and tricks for getting started using cold wax in your own studio!
Want to Start Playing with Cold Wax - But Not Sure Where to Start?
You've seen everyone talking about and posting about this new medium, but how do you even get going with it?

I was there too - in fact, it was two years after I bought my can of cold wax that I finally opened it up and started using it!
If You Can Use Oils, You Can Use Cold Wax!
The secret is, cold wax isn't so much a new medium by itself, it's just another way to use oils!

Cold Wax opens up a new way to use oils - it's more matte, it's thicker, it dries faster, and you can use a lot more texture or abstract stuff like collage, carving, or mixed media. But, it's still just oil painting at the heart.

Starting with some simple supplies and tips, I'll show you how to start playing and experimenting on your own - and how to take it further once you get comfortable.
In this Recorded Online Class You'll Learn:
The strengths and weaknesses of cold wax - what is, the best way to use it, and what to be aware of.
Some of my favorite techniques that really make this medium shine - and my favorite tools to use with it!
Important techniques like:
- How to finish and seal your painting
- How to ship and store cold wax artwork
- How to incorporate this medium into your normal studio work
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This class will be pre-recorded and released in late August or early September of 2022.

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Also Includes:
  • Downloadable Guide with tips on cleaning, safety, a how-to-guide, and suggestions of what materials to layer ($15 value)
  • Downloadable and Clickable Shopping Guide with my favorite cold wax supplies and tools ($5 value)

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Class FAQs
Is this only for oil painters?

Not necessarily. While cold wax is an oil-based medium, the way it's used mimics acrylics a lot and it will probably be much easier and more familiar than straight oil painting for anyone who's used mixed media before.
I'm not an abstract artist - will I like cold wax?

Cold wax can be used very beautifully for abstract art - but it's not a purely abstract medium! You can use it to layer very detailed brushwork and drawings just as easily as you can use it to make abstract textures. I've found it adapts to your own style while expanding your creativity!
What's the skill level for this class?

The tips and techniques in this class will be great for all skill levels, from absolute beginners wanting to know where to start to more advanced painters who want to expand their creativity.

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall (aka The Curious Painter)

I've been a full-time painter since 2008 and have been teaching painting and color theory for just as long!

My favorite thing is helping painters of all levels overcome whatever is frustrating them in the studio so they can find more joy at their easels.

I'm also a total color theory nerd. I love researching everything I can learn about color theory and color psychology and color science, and finding a way to explain it in the simplest way possible.

I live in Bozeman Montana with my photographer-fiancee and our two blue heelers. When I'm not painting or teaching, you'll probably find me gardening or exploring somewhere in nature.
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