Photograph Your Paintings Using Your Phone
Learn the tips and tricks I use in my studio every week to take photos good enough to post (or even print!)
Do You Wish You Could Show Off Your Paintings Online?
In order to post your paintings, you need pictures of them - preferably pictures that actually look like your painting!

Having your paintings professionally photographed is great, but sometimes it can be pricey and just be more hassle than you want to deal with, especially if you just want to post something small.
Photograph Your Art Without a Fancy Camera
I've been photographing my own artwork for years, and while I do have a fancy camera that gives me a huge file for big prints, I have a secret for my smaller paintings... I photograph them with my iPhone!

All of These Were Photographed with an iPhone

I photographed each of these quickly and easily in my studio, even though "Selene" (top left doe) has deep dark colors and wax crayon texture, "Recollection" (upper right horse) is a resin piece with lots of metallic paint, and "Patina" (lower right appaloosa) is a subtle piece with lots of silver metallic and different greys.
Learn the Steps I Use in My Own Studio!
The secret is, that for online posts or even small prints (12" or less), your phone can do a pretty good job. My iPhone photos have been printed and sold, sent to catalogs, and posted all over my feed - and no one can tell. One of my print labs even told me that he appreciated that I always sent high-quality "professional" images!
Over the past few years I've developed a tried and true method for taking and quickly editing photos that show accurate texture and detail, with minimal glare, and I'm excited to share them with you in this class.
In this Recorded Online Class You'll Learn:
Tips and tricks for using both natural outdoor light and indoor light to get a good photo with texture and minimal glare.
My simple, easy-to-follow steps for editing photos with Photoshop to fix skewed angles and get accurate color without spending all day on the computer.
Tips for special scenarios like:
- High-gloss paintings (such as resin)
- Matte paintings (such as encaustic or on paper)
- Metallic elements like leafing or paint
Class Format:
1.5-hour recorded class, with a combination of teaching demonstrations including a slideshow presentation and three photo editing demonstrations
Also Includes:
  • Downloadable Guide with handy checklists of both my photography and photo-editing steps  ($7 value)
  • Downloadable Tip Sheets with additional information on the best lighting and a cropping ratio cheat sheet ($7 value)

Class Cost: $35
End of Summer Sale: $20

Class FAQs
Is this only for iPhone users?

Not at all! While the iPhone is what I'm most familiar with, the information here will be for all phones made within the past few years. You can also use this information for taking pictures with your digital camera or iPad!
Do I need to have Photoshop to get anything out of this class?

Nope! While I highly recommend Photoshop, most of my editing tips and tricks will work on pretty much any photo editing program. (I'll suggest a few that I like in addition to Photoshop.)
What's the skill level for this class?

Don't let the technology scare you off! If you can hold your phone steady, transfer your images from your phone to your computer, and open up Photoshop (or your favorite editing program), you'll be able to follow along. Plus, I'll have a checklist for all of the steps available to download, and you'll be able to replay and pause the video to see specific techniques in more detail.

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall (aka The Curious Painter)

I've been a full-time painter since 2008 and have been teaching painting and color theory for just as long!

My favorite thing is helping painters of all levels overcome whatever is frustrating them in the studio so they can find more joy at their easels.

I'm also a total color theory nerd. I love researching everything I can learn about color theory and color psychology and color science, and finding a way to explain it in the simplest way possible.

I live in Bozeman Montana with my photographer-fiancee and our two blue heelers. When I'm not painting or teaching, you'll probably find me gardening or exploring somewhere in nature.
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