How to Master Mixing Green
Master your summer landscapes and garden still life paintings without getting overwhelmed!
Have You Struggled With Greens in Your Paintings?
Did you know that you're not alone? If you ask any painter what the hardest color to mix is, they'll probably tell you green! There are a handful of psychological, cultural, and even scientific reasons why green can be elusive.
There's a Reason Green is Hard to Mix - But There's Good News Too!
There's a way to break it down so that you can mix a wide range of natural, beautiful greens to give your paintings life and depth.
In this 1-hr class I’ll show you the three questions you need to ask yourself to change how you see and mix green so that you can create a painting with the depth and vibrancy of green in nature.
In This Online Class You'll Learn:
Why green is one of the hardest colors to see and break down, and the three questions to ask yourself so that you can break a green scene down into easy sections without being overwhelmed
My favorite paint colors for mixing the widest range of greens (hint: you don’t need as many as you think!), as well as a few colors for taking your mixing further when you’re ready
Green mixing tips such as:
- How to lighten and darken green
- How to make garish greens more natural
- How to use light and shadow to give your greens depth
Also Includes:
  • Downloadable eBook with tips on value, fixing paint mixtures, and a green mixing guide ($15 value)
  • Downloadable Project Sheets for taking your skills further after the class ($5 value)

What Students Are Saying:

"I loved your course on mixing green. I do rely too much on tube greens and plan to change my ways. ... BIG Thanks"
- David J
"I really enjoyed your presentation on the ins and outs of mixing green. I feel you did a class A job on the video, as well as, the various charts. ... Thank you for your amazing work and insight into color."
- Ruth M

Recorded Class Cost: $45
🍀 March Sale: $25 🍀

Hi! I'm Whitney Hall (aka The Curious Painter)

I've been a full-time painter since 2008 and have been teaching painting and color theory for just as long!

My favorite thing is helping painters of all levels overcome whatever is frustrating them in the studio so they can find more joy at the easel.

I'm also a total nerd about color! I love researching everything I can learn about color theory and color psychology and color science, and finding a way to explain it in the simplest way possible.

I live in Bozeman Montana with my photographer-fiancee and our two blue heelers. When I'm not painting or teaching, you'll probably find me gardening or exploring somewhere in nature.
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